They're setting an example that more of us should follow.

As Meghan Markle, now known to the world as the Duchess of Sussex, prepared to marry Prince Harry and join the British royal family last year, many discovered that she previously followed a restrictive vegan diet during the week and often stuck to a relatively healthy meal plan elsewhere. It comes as no surprise, then, that Markle has inspired some members of the royal family to focus on healthy habits in the new year—or, in this case, breaking some unhealthy habits.

Last year, we watched as Prince Harry worked on a total fitness transformation and adopted a plant-based wedding diet thanks to Markle's influence—but it seems that her healthy lifestyle has permanently rubbed off. According to a new Express report, Meghan has inspired Harry to ditch both alcohol and caffeine in the new year, as she gets closer to her delivery date later this spring.

It totally makes sense for Meghan to ditch alcohol while pregnant, but the choice to abstain from all forms of caffeine—including tea—may surprise some. Caffeine increases blood pressure and heart rate due to its stimulating nature, which is generally not recommended for pregnant women.

More on how the royal family stays healthy:

While published research says that most pregnant women are safe as long as they consume less than 300mg of caffeine each day, swapping coffee and tea for still mineral water could save you from extra calories and ample amounts of sugar. This small swap, in addition to cutting out alcohol, could be why Express reports that Prince Harry appeared to be rather slim during public appearances over the holiday season.

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The newspaper spoke to a friend of the royal family who had this to say about Meghan's influence on Harry's new commitment to fitness: "All she did was show him there’s another way to live and he’s become a huge fan. He eats well, doesn’t poison his body, exercises, does a bit of yoga, and is a lot happier."

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New research shows that current federal guidelines for alcohol consumption are neither safe nor healthy—and as more health professionals express concern over how much alcohol we really should be drinking, choosing to abstain this month (or for a longer period of time) could be the best New Year's resolution to keep. Who knew following the royals could be so rewarding?