Find out if Marie Kondo’s diet sparks joy for you, too.  

Tidying expert Marie Kondo has helped people around the world find out what “sparks joy” in their lives through organization and decluttering. While one of our staffers had a difficult time attempting to KonMari his kitchen, many have found success with Kondo’s very particular methods to keeping neat and tidy.

Naturally, her affinity for precision and neatness spills over into the way Kondo eats, and she told TODAY she likes to artfully craft and plate her meals. Kondo even matches her utensils and dishware to the cuisine she is eating at the moment, and enjoys keeping her meals as simple and organized as she does the rest of her life.

Kondo kicks off each morning with a cup of green, white, or herbal tea before making her typical breakfast of a gut-friendly miso soup and rice.

Be it lunch or dinner, Kondo’s favorite dish is a Japanese chicken wing soup with steamed rice and sea bream, a type of delicate fish. She cooks this meal in a traditional Japanese clay pot, called a donabe, made for high-heat, one-pot cooking.

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Dinner is usually finished with a glass of amazake, which is a warm, fermented rice drink. While made from sake, it’s sweeter but contains less alcohol.

When it comes to her children, Kondo loves to prepare simple, yet colorful meals for her two young daughters. Whether she’s whipping up her kid-friendly raspberry pudding or an intricate Japanese-style omelet with salmon, we just know her kids have the cutest lunches in the whole school!

Starting off your day with a cup of green tea and gut-healthy foods is certainly a good way to keep your digestive and immune systems functioning at full capacity. Proper gut health has been linked to improved mood and well-being, and maybe that is one of Kondo’s secrets to possessing true joy.