And we’re SO excited to scoop up these finds.

Aldi is known for their super-low prices and healthy staples, which is why we always get excited when new items are about to hit shelves. Last month, we tried Valentine’s Day-themed finds—including chocolate wine—but now we’re looking towards spring’s new items for shopping inspo.

Aldi was nice enough to give us a sneak peak of the newest staples coming to stores in March, and we predict there will be quite a buzz around these picks. Our advice before buying? Make sure to shop at the right time to avoid crowds.

Here, our six favorite new, healthy items coming to Aldi in March.

Happy Farms Cheese

Credit: Aldi

We’ve already talked about the St. Patty’s Day-themed cheese from Aldi, but these three are a little more elevated (and perfect for your next charcuterie board!) New releases for March include Apple Smoked Gruyere, Gouda, and Cheddar Cheese. All of them are just $3.49, and hit stores on March 6.

Mama Cozzi’s 12” Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Credit: Aldi

Cauliflower crusts are a great way to enjoy pizza night at home, while cutting back on some of the carbs. If you don't want to make a second stop at Costco for yours, then Aldi has you covered. It comes in cheese or pepperoni flavors. Plus, it’s just $6.49—much cheaper than ordering in. It’s also available on March 6.

Barissimo Whole Bean Coffee

Credit: Aldi

Hot take: Aldi’s coffee is seriously underrated. And grinding the beans at home allows you to get a fresh cup, every time. This single-origin Guatemalan coffee is a steal at $5.79. It hits stores on March 13.

Happy Farms Feta Cheese Crumbles

Credit: Aldi

More cheese?! Yes, but these two flavors are a step up from ordinary feta—they come in “Sweet Heat” and “Tomato Basil” flavors, which are sure to elevate your favorite salad, frittata, or this recipe for Feta and Walnut Blistered Green Beans. And they’re just $2.19 per container. Scoop them up on March 13.

Premium Muesli

Credit: Aldi

Your morning yogurt is about to get a lot more tasty. Top it with some of this muesli—in flavors like “Berries and Cherries,” “Exotic Fruit,” or “Simply Nutty”—and enjoy the crunch and added fiber from whole grains. Each package is $2.99, and available in stores on March 20.

New Wine

Credit: Aldi

We’ve already waxed poetic about Aldi’s wine section (again, so underrated!) This month, three new wines are dropping: Landshut Pinot Grigio ($4.99) and Landshut Pinot Noir Rose ($5.49) are available on March 20, and Hayfield Vineyards Riesling ($6.99) comes out on March 27.