You can find Milkadamia products in local grocery stores across the country, including Walmart.
Credit: Photo courtesy of MIlkadamia.

One of the latest plant-based nut milks to hit shelves is made out of macadamia nuts, but Milkadamia didn’t want to stop at alt-milk—they also created a line of dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan coffee creamers.

Milkadamia's macadamia milk is a strong contender nutritionally—an 8-ounce glass of their unsweetened vanilla milk contains just 50 calories and only 1g of saturated fat, which is only slightly higher than Silk's unsweetened vanilla almond milk at 30 calories per glass. The macadamia nut, in comparison to other nuts, is noticeably more buttery, indulgent, and rich, which could explain the heavier nutritional counts—something you should take into consideration when shopping for nut milks.

While Milkadamia's products have previously been panned as mediocre by some alt-milk fans, editors involved in the taste test had a hard time believing that Milkadamia's coffee creamers had barely any sugar in them.

If you pour a splash of creamer in your coffee every day, making the switch to Milkadamia could save you calories and sugar. Coffee Mate creamer, one of the most popular grocery store options, can have up to 6g of sugar and 40 calories in each one-tablespoon serving—not to mention a bunch of weird artificial ingredients. If you pour yourself more than one cup of coffee, sugar could be a problem (especially since the daily recommended limit is just 25g).

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Milkadamia has put out three flavored creamers to rival those in the grocery store, which include vanilla and macadamia-fudge. Both options contain just 1g of sugar and 15 calories—and if sugar is an issue for you, they even have an unsweetened vanilla option. These creamers are made with coconut cream, an indicator of why there's any fat at all.

The alternative, dairy-free milk category is exploding, and it seems every week that the Internet is obsessed with a new variety. For coffee addicts who are looking to enjoy a rich, sweet tasting cup every morning, however, macadamia creamer could be the trend you actually try at home.