From $25 to $400, luxury comes in all price ranges. 
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Credit: Courtesy Frontgate

The gift of luxury doesn't have to be extravagantly priced—unless you want it to be, of course! Whether it's a little luxury like a tub of the very best English sea salt, or a super-luxe KitchenAid mixer, we've assembled our favorite "wow" gifts for people who love to cook and spend time in the kitchen. Get the cameras ready, because these gifts get big reactions!

1. A cake stand fit for Marie Antoinette 

Credit: Courtesy of Frontgate

These Amelie Cake Servers have it all: centerpiece-worthy height, gilded stems, and long-lasting stainless steel construction. Available in 13 1/2- and 24-inch heights and offered in silver and gold, the baker in your life will be ecstatic when they open these on Christmas morning. 

Buy: Amelie Cake Servers, from $126.65;

2. A big tub of the best sea salt  

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If they love to cook, they probably already have the standard size box of Maldon flaky sea salt in their kitchen. The crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth English salt is the ultimate finisher for everything from steaks to chocolate chip cookies. And you haven't had bread and butter until you've had bread and butter with a little Maldon sprinkled on top. This deluxe bucket weighs in at 3.2 pounds! 

Buy: Maldon sea salt, $24.78;

3. An aesthetic coffee-maker

Credit: Courtesy Neiman Marcus

This Smeg drip coffee machine has a retro design that adds cool to any kitchen counter. These 10-cup machines offer a four-cup function, as well as an aroma preference option for a light or intense brew. There's a range of colors but you'll have to hunt if you want the pink or seafoam colors. The classic black and fan-favorite pastel blue are currently on sale for $209 (down from $250) at Neiman Marcus.

Buy: Smeg Retro Drip Filter Coffee Machine, $209;

4. Olive oil like you've never tasted 

Credit: Courtesy Brightland

If a trip to Italy isn't doable this year, these California olive oils will make you feel like you're under the Tuscan sun. Brightland olive oils can be drizzled over anything—from crusty bread to cheese to ice cream. Hand-picked, cold-pressed, and made with organic heirloom olives, the the two best-selling varietals, Awake and Alive, have herbaceous and nutty notes, respectively. Get The Duo gift set for $74. 

Buy: The Duo gift set, $74; 

5. A wine and charcuterie caddy 

Credit: Courtesy Frontgate

Everything's better with wine—including charcuterie. Tuck meat and cheese nibbles into the ceramic trays and add your favorite wines and a few glasses with this genius wine caddy from Frontgate. Want more room for cheese? No problem. The caddy comes with a second snack tier that can be added or removed. This is currently on sale so walk don't run! 

Buy: Weston Two-Bottle Wine Caddy, $134.10;

6. The ultimate guacamole bowl/maker

Credit: Courtesy Williams Sonoma

Molcajetes are an ancient cooking tool used to grind spices, crush chiles, and yes, make an epic bowl of guac. This 10-inch molcajete is crafted from volcanic rock and includes a pestle for mashing. If you want a gift they'll use over and over, this is the ticket. 

Buy: 10-inch Molcajete, $69.95;

7. Instagram's new favorite blender 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Sorry, Vitamix—The Beast is the blender on every influencer's Christmas list this year. Sleek and powerful, it blends perfect smoothies, soups, and more in a single minute via a one-touch button. The best part is you can drink from the chic carafe (included in two size options) and dirty less dishes. A stainless steel infusion chamber wakes up water with whatever fruit or veggies you fancy. 

Buy: Beast Blender + Hydration System, $185;

8. Recipes that never get old 

Credit: Courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

From a viral Instagram blender to the timeless recipes of Julia Child, this leather-bound edition of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" includes 524 recipes and over 100 illustrations. If there's one cookbook you keep in the kitchen at all times, it's this one. 

Buy: "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," $145;

9. Every baker's dream gift 

Credit: Courtesy Perigold

Cookies, cakes, breads—this mixer is a baker's best friend for all of the above. You can make up to five dozen cookies in a single batch with this five-quart KitchenAid Artisan Series 10 mixer, which is on sale for $374 (reducded by 13%) at Perigold and avialable in 18 hues ranging from pistachio to this gorgeous dried rose. 

Buy: KitchenAid Artisan Series 10 Mixer, $374;

10. An old-timey popcorn maker 

Credit: Courtesy Sur La Table

Sure, microwave popcorn is easier, but the Whirley Pop pot pops your corn as fast as you can microwave it and it uses less oil for a healthier snack. Its hand-crank style makes it a fun activity for kids, with the crank being heat-resistant and safe for little hands. Two tubes of non-GMO kernels are included. 

Buy: Whirley Pop, $72.95;

11. A 28-bottle wine cooler 

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

This lockable wine cooler can house both wine and Champagne, with its dual zone temperature stability that dips down to 41 degrees. A built-in fan keeps the temperature even throughout the cooler and double-paned glass protects against UV light. Interior lighting keeps your collection softly lit and a vibration-free design promises not to arouse the natural sediment of your precious wines. 

Buy: Ivation 28-Bottle Wine Cooler, $399;

12. Truffles!

Credit: Courtesy Urbani

Now that you have a cooler full of wine, it's time for truffles. If fresh truffles are hard to come by in your area, Urbani is a chef-trusted source for some of the world's best black and white truffles. This Black Truffle Tease Gift Set includes a one-ounce fresh black truffle, a wood slicer, and three-ounce pot of truffle butter. 

Buy: Black Truffle Tease Gift Set, $149.49; 

13. The status pot 

Credit: Courtesy Le Creuset

Le Creuset dutch ovens are the most beautiful workhorse your kitchen will ever see. They braise, they bake, they fry, they roast... and they look great while doing it all. We love this oval dutch oven because its shape perfectly accommodates a whole chicken.

Buy: Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven, from $255; 

14. A countertop herb garden 

Credit: Courtesy Nordstrom

Whether you're a city-dweller with minimal outdoor space or suburbanite who's always looking to add more green to their kitchen, this self-watering indoor garden grows three types of fresh herbs or veggies. The kit includes three basil pods, a soil mix inspired by NASA research, and an LED lamp to help your garden grow. Hurry: It's on sale for $74.96 (that's 46% off).

Buy: Smart Garden, $74.96; 

15. Five-star salt and pepper mills

Credit: Courtesy Food52

If Michelin rated salt and pepper mills, Peugeot Paris would surely be starred. In business since 1840, the French brand makes salt and pepper mills with six levels of coarseness. The mills stand up to one-foot tall, are constructed of beech wood from French forests, and come in a range of color options. They're going to love cracking fresh pepper on their steak with these beauties. 

Buy: Peugeot Paris Mills, from $45; 

16. The best mood lighting ever

Credit: Courtesy Food52

A mini concrete fireplace for your table—genius! Not only do the FLIKR Fire personal fireplaces provide mood lighting, they can also be used to toast marshmallows or hot dogs. Simply pour in alcohol and light a match for a clean, fume-free flame. 

Buy: FLIKR Fire Personal Fireplace, $99; 

17. A personalized presentation dome 

Credit: Courtesy Frontgate

For those culinary wow moments, why not gift them a personalized cloche? Made of stainless steel, this dome can be popped over a 17-inch serving tray or plate to keep main dishes warm or cold dishes chilled. We can't think of a more beautiful way to present your culinary creations to the ones you love. 

Buy: Stainless Steel Dome, $80;