These avocados are sprayed with a solution that helps them stay fresh for nearly a month.
Credit: Getty: Nina Van Der Kleij / EyeEm

We all know how frustrating it is to buy under-ripe avocados from the store only to cut into one a few days later and discover it’s turned brown. We’ve even tried several hacks to stop avocados from browning, but nothing really seems to work. To remedy this all-too-familiar problem, one company is using science to make sure we never suffer the premature loss of an avocado again.

California-based Apeel Sciences has created new technology that is apparently going to double the shelf life of our favorite fruit. This will help reduce food waste from spoiled ‘cados and benefit the environment overall (yay!). While this sounds like a futuristic daydream, they’re actually available right now at Costco warehouses nationwide (as well as Harps Foods Stores across the Midwest). Best part? Five everlasting avocados will only set you back $5.

According to Food Navigator, each of the avocados, which are produced by the Del Rey Avocado Company, is sprayed with a magical solution made from fat molecules found within the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables, such as apples and raspberries. The naturally-occuring solution helps these special avocados retain moisture within their green flesh and keeps them from oxidizing (aka turning brown) until you decide to cut into them.

We know that regular ol' avocados can stay fresh for up to four days on the shelf, and maybe a week (if we're lucky) in a fridge. But these enhanced avocados are reportedly able to stay fresh and ready to eat for up to 20 days(!) at a very comparable—if not cheaper—price to normal avocados.

Michelle Masek, head of marketing at Apeel Sciences, told Food Navigator that the company plans to bring their new avocados to more retailers soon—Costco was a perfect first fit for the brand, as the membership-only warehouse needs items in bulk that have the best shelf life possible.

And this avocado product isn't the only time they've transformed fruits, either: Apeel Sciences have also manipulated bananas, berries, citruses, peppers, asparagus, and stone fruits to last longer than usual, but the avocado is the first test to actually hit the market.

“If everyone ate fresh fruits and vegetables, we’d be a healthier country," Masek said. "There are just two issues: quality and accessibility.”

While we can't wait to get our hands on these long lasting avocados on our next trip to Costco, it's also exciting to hear that the scientists working on this product could possibly revolutionize how we farm crops and get fresh food to consumers in the future.