She runs a wellness brand and works full time, but takes the time to eat this snack every day for a great night's sleep.


Lo Bosworth has a honest, realistic approach to healthy eating while managing her wellness brand, Love Wellness, but one of the most important cornerstones to her health routine actually involves sleep. Bosworth, who is known for spunky energy after her time on MTV's The Hills, says she can't focus on being a "high-functioning person" and the work she does without getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

She stopped by Cooking Light this month to share exactly how she keeps her sleep routine in check as part of our "On Balance" series.

Bosworth shared a lot about her wellness brand and her approach to healthy eating—her favorite weeknight dinner? Hearty turkey meatballs!—but we were most excited to hear her advice on the best ways to get a good night's rest. Surprisingly, Bosworth says the key to her sleep routine is actually a bedtime snack, and one that "won't irritate [her] digestive system right before bed."

"Sleep is something that is so hard to come by," Bosworth says. "But if you're getting 7 to 8 hours, trust me, you're going to feel better in every aspect of your life."

Indeed, sleep is a crucial aspect of our holistic health—recent research shows that failing to get adequate rest could lead to negative effects on cardiovascular health and your metabolism, not to mention that a lack of sleep could sabotage your diet efforts. Snacking often becomes taboo after dinner because many foods could potentially disrupt your sleep cycle, but new research shows that there are a few foods that you should feel good snacking on before bed.

"I love to have a snack before bed, and I'm sure a lot of people do," Bosworth says. "I try to make it a whole foods snack: my favorite snack is a carton of organic or wild blueberries, and just munch on those in bed while I'm watching my favorite show."

While fresh fruit is a great option, recent research out of Florida State University suggests that 30g of protein within half an hour of heading to bed could actually boost your metabolism the next day. Our nutritionists have previously recommended protein-rich items like cottage cheese as a satisfying (but healthy!) post-dinner snack.

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Another sleep routine essential for Bosworth is her version of sleepytime tea—which includes good doses of magnesium, valerian root, and melatonin to help relax muscles naturally before bed. She shares her recipe with us in the video, walking us through how her easy 3-ingredient tea can help you unwind, which includes one of her Love Wellness sleep supplements (available here).

For more on Bosworth's sleep routine, as well as her healthy approach to fast weeknight meals and staying on track while eating out, check out the full video above.