This system is more advanced than many expensive sous vide machines on the market.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Lidl U.S.

Cooking a favorite protein or vegetable in a sous vide is no longer reserved for Michelin-starred chefs in commercial kitchens—home cooks have slowly but surely incorporated the technique, too. There was a time in the early 2010s when Cooking Light editors advocated for personal sous vide machines that were close to $500—but times have changed, because German-based grocer Lidl now offers a sous vide appliance for just $39.99.

Starting today, in all Lidl U.S. stores, shoppers can pick up Lidl's SilverCrest sous vide machine for the shockingly low price. The SilverCrest is equipped with temperature controls and an automated timer to ensure your meal will never overcook, even if you step away. Lidl is also offering tubing bags and a vacuum sealer, so you can flawlessly use your sous vide machine.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the magic of sous vide, it’s the process of submerging tightly sealed food (think: steaks, shellfish, vegetables) into a temperature-controlled pot of simmering water for a period of time. The hot water allows cooking to be gradual and precise, so you get a quality nearly impossible to achieve on a stovetop or in an oven.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Lidl U.S.

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Cooking food sous vide comes with an added benefit for those watching their diets—items like seafood and meats cook in their own juices, meaning you can skip any extra oil or butter. Essential vitamins and minerals are also less likely to escape the item you're cooking as well.

Lidl is operating approximately 300 stores across the Mid-Atlantic region with plans to expand across the nation underway. You can find these sous vide gadgets on sale at your local Lidl, while supplies last.