Find nonstick skillets, cast iron pots, and stainless steel sets for way less.
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Credit: Le Creuset

When Le Creuset has a sale, the best deals are bound to go fast—and the brand's Winter Savings Event is no exception. With discounts rivaling that of Black Friday, it's no surprise many popular tools have already been scooped up by eager shoppers. Luckily, it's not over yet. If you're looking to add some of the brand's high-quality, colorful pieces to your stovetop, there's still plenty left to grab while it's all up to 40 percent off.

You'll find the remaining deals under Le Creuset's specials section, where anything from cast iron grill pans to non-stick skillets are at not-to-be-missed prices. The sale has deals from all of the brand's notable collections, including it's best-selling enameled cast iron pieces, nonstick pro-level aluminum pans, stainless steel sets, and nonstick metal bakeware. 

Smaller finds can be snagged for as low as $20, like these Mini Cocottes that are perfect for whipping up melted cheese or chocolate fondue this season. But the most notable savings are amongst bigger ticket items: this 12-piece stainless steel cookware set, which will no doubt fulfill all your kitchen needs, is a whopping $425 off. That's not all—this 6-piece Toughened Nonstick Pro Set comes with two frying pans, a sauce pan, and a sauté pan for $400, while this enameled cast iron saucier is still available in multiple colors for nearly $100 off.

There's no telling how long any given item will be in stock, so we'd recommend perusing this limited-time winter sale and adding your favorites to your cart while you still can. To save you time, we've rounded up 10 of the best deals to shop below.

Credit: Le Creuset

Signature Oval Baker

To buy: $130 (originally $200);

Credit: Le Creuset

Classic Saucier

To buy: $144 (originally $240);

Credit: Le Creuset

Classic Square Skillet Grill

To buy: $100 (originally $195);

Credit: Le Creuset

Sauteuse Pan

To buy: $180 (originally $300);

Credit: Le Creuset

Toughened Nonstick PRO 3-Piece Set

To buy: $200 (originally $275);

Credit: Le Creuset

Toughened Nonstick PRO 6-Piece Set

To buy: $400 (originally $525);

Credit: Le Creuset

Toughened Nonstick PRO 3-Piece Fry Pan Set

To buy: $240 (originally $325);

Credit: Le Creuset

10-Piece Stainless Steel Set

To buy: $710 (originally $1,125);

Credit: Le Creuset

12-Piece Stainless Steel Set

To buy: $1,000 (originally $1,425);

Credit: Le Creuset

5-Piece Nonstick Metal Bakeware Set

To buy: $115 (originally $179);