This is the summertime treat we've truly been waiting for.
Credit: Photo courtesy of Laughing Cow.

Of all the snacks we'd love to bring with us on the go, cheese is at the top of the list.

Which is why we we're super excited to hear that one of the lightest cheeses on the market decided to put their signature product into a perfectly bite-sized cup for the ultimate snack break... literally anywhere.

The Laughing Cow cheese, known to dieters for its low calorie counts and nutrition labels free of artificial preservatives and flavoring, has created three differently flavored cheeses served in portable cups—you can use them as you see fit, whether spread on a sandwich or alongside a handful of crunchy veggies.

For those who have grown to love The Laughing Cow's signature cheese wedges at home, you'll recognize these flavors. The new snack varieties come in the original Swiss, a garlic-and-herb infused Swiss, and a savory white cheddar flavor.

Each cup contains just 100 calories and a mere 190mg of sodium, which is pretty manageable for such an indulgent treat. Be aware, however, that the pure dairy makeup of this snack means that saturated fat is a little high: 6g of saturated fat per serving. Just like with the classic Laughing Cow cheese wedges, it is best enjoyed in moderation.

You can find four-packs of these new snacks in stores for just $4.79, which is a bargain. In the past, research has suggested cheese could have some nutritional benefits, so do yourself a favor and read up on our nutritionist's guide to understanding which cheeses are best for you and your diet.