The chain's newest initiative makes finding healthy groceries very easy—and lets you connect with an in-house nutritionist, too.
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At Cooking Light, we spend a lot of time talking about the best ways to find healthy food at grocery stores—and Kroger's newest mobile app might just be the best initiative to help shoppers stay healthy we've ever seen.

It's called OptUP, free to anyone who shops at Kroger but separate from the chain's main app, provides customers with on-the-spot nutritional feedback based on the purchases they've made. It also lets customers check up on the nutritional value of an item if they're in the store deciding if they'd like to purchase it. And even more impressive is that for some users, depending on location, the app can be used to connect with a registered dietitian for further advice and guidance.

According to Food Dive, the app's nutrition guidelines are based on the United Kingdom's Profiling Model developed by the Food Standards Agency, and modified by the team of in-house nutritionists who work with Kroger. But the service also contains nutritional guidelines and information from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Users should be able to see the past eight weeks' worth of nutritional information tied to their purchases: The app displays "ratings" associated with each product, based on a scale out of 100. The higher the number, the better the product is for your health.

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It's a system that is comparable to the Guiding Stars program, a nutritional rating system developed by Northeastern grocery chain Hannaford—an approach to educating customers on nutritional foods that also boosts sales of the healthy item as well, Supermarket News reports.

We're particularly excited for those shoppers who are able to use the app as a stepping off point into a live consultation with registered dietitians in some markets. It's unclear if Kroger plans to expand this service to each and every store it owns, but the current platform available in the various mobile app stores already has capabilities to connect shoppers to nutritionists.

You can download the new optUP app right here and use it the next time you head into a Kroger near you.