No more squishing the fruit before you get to eat it.

Kiwi is a small-but-mighty fruit. It’s delicious in everything from oatmeal to savory dishes, and has twice as much vitamin C as an orange and as much potassium as a banana. But kiwi’s tough-to-peel skin can deter frustrated snackers from choosing this nutritious fruit (I almost never buy it, because every time I  do, I end up only getting half the fruit out.)

Some people choose to eat the skin. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it actually triples the amount of fiber in the fruit, but for those who who find it too fuzzy and unpleasant (raise your hands, team #NoKiwiSkin), there’s a simple hack for removing the fruit: All you need are five seconds and a gadget you (probably) already have in your kitchen.

Just grab a paring knife, and a metal beater from your handheld mixer (yep.)

Here’s how to do it, according to Cook’s Illustrated: Cut your kiwi in half crosswise, and push the beater into the flesh of the fruit. Then, twist until four perfect wedges of kiwi separate from the skin. Repeat on the other half of the fruit, if desired. Vola! Kiwi snacking has finally been made easy, and you don’t have to deal with half-squashed fruit.

If you don’t have beaters handy, you can also peel your kiwi with a spoon. Just cut off the top of the flesh to create a small opening, shove your spoon inside of the fruit, and run it all the way around the inner flesh until it slips out of the skin.