Almond butter, honey, and chocolate make this gluten-free snack taste like a healthy Reese's cup.
Credit: Photos courtesy of KIND.

This fall, there are several new snacks on the market made with almond butter—including KIND's new nut butter bars. Unlike Snickers' almond butter candy bar (which, sadly, isn't a very healthy option), this new product harnesses the ultra smooth profile of almond butter without a ton of sugar or saturated fat.

KIND's new bars come in two different gluten-free varieties—chocolate peanut butter and honey almond butter—and are made for snackers who love sweet-and-salty flavor combos. Both bars have just 170 calories, 8g of sugar, and less than 10g of fat. Plus, the almond butter bar contains only 1.5g of saturated fat.

These new bars, which are set to hit retailers across the nation in mid December, are also pretty affordable for an on-the-go breakfast or afternoon snack. KIND plans to sell them in a box of four for just $3.99, making them about $1 each.

For those suffering from peanut allergies, KIND's almond butter bar ingredient list does include almonds and soy, as well as oats, honey, quinoa, and cinnamon, among others. While it's free from other common allergens, KIND does note that it's processed in a facility that contains peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds.

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KIND offered Cooking Light editors an early sneak peek at the bars, and the results of our taste test were unanimous—these bars taste like an indulgent, sweet treat without any of the nutritional blowback. It's rare that we don't have a single reservation about new snacks, but all those who tasted KIND's new offering had only positive things to say.

One staffer said the almond butter bar would please those who love an "indulgent and rich" treat without being too sweet. Another said it reminded her of a Little Debbie Nutty Buddy, if such a thing could ever be made healthy.

But everyone agreed—KIND's latest bar may feel like a guilty pleasure, and it just might be its best yet.