The actress took to Facebook for another episode of her "#PretendCookingShow" to serve up one heck of a delicious-looking snack.
Credit: PEOPLE Magazine / Jennifer Garner

If there's anything we know about Jennifer Garner, it's that the actress truly spends time raising her three children as hands-on as possible, especially when it comes to cooking for them at home.

Garner's love for wholesome foods, especially when it comes to family meals, is becoming a signature trait for the superstar. We've watched as Jennifer Garner has given famous chefs a run for their money with a string of playful cooking videos on her social media accounts—even Ina Garten gave it her stamp of approval.

Garner's posts always are tagged "#PretendCookingShow", but the latest recipe the on-the-go mom shared with her fans feels far from "pretend." Garner took to social media to share the "pass-back snacks" she makes for her kids.

What's a "pass-back" snack, you might ask? Garner says they're "those easy snacks you can pass back to hungry kids in the car on the way to wherever your afternoons bring you." And then she shares her tips for making them at home "with ingredients you know and can pronounce."

Garner's recipe calls on whole oats, unsweetened coconut, wheat germ, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, brown sugar, vanilla, and a touch of indulgent salt and butter.

Simply toss the mixture into a 300-degree oven and drizzle some dark chocolate before it cools to finish off this irresistible snack. It's one of those magical recipes that don't require you to hang around the kitchen—letting you get back to whatever hectic mess the kids are kicking up elsewhere in the house (right?!).

Credit: Jamie Vespa

Using the ingredients posted alongside Garner's video, we did the hard work for you and crunched nutritional info on the dish. If you follow Garner's instructions and cut the 9x9 pan into 9 bars, each one is 310 calories and 7g of saturated fat—just outside of our nutritional guidelines for snacks here at Cooking Light.

But you can always play with serving sizes in your own kitchen and customize the recipe as needed—and if you're looking for something even lighter, you can browse our healthiest granola recipes right here.

We know that Garner doesn't consider herself a "real cook," but if she keeps this up, she'll have a cooking show before long. For more delicious and wholesome snack recipes for the whole family, click here.