In addition to 13 modes of cooking, this new Instant Pot is loaded with WiFi capabilities, meaning you can operate your Instant Pot without even being in the kitchen.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Instant Pot.

Earlier this year, we were excited to learn Instant Pot launched a new model featuring a futuristic touch screen, which also took the pain out of releasing steam manually. But the team at Instant Pot just took things even further and announced a new Instant Pot model, informally called "Instant Pot Smart," that can be remotely controlled with your smartphone—the ultimate one-stop touch screen.

Instant Brands, the parent company behind the Instant Pot and a line of Instant products, posted photos in a press release earlier this month outlining that this new multi-cooker—which bears striking resemblance to the Instant Pot Ultra—will be able to connect to WiFi so you can control it from anywhere. And we mean anywhere: according to the product's information page, you can turn on and control your Instant Pot even if you aren't home.

It's all done via Instant Pot's new mobile app, which also allows you to share access to your individual model with family members and friends, meaning you can tag-team dinner if need be—or just monitor how dinner is coming along (a win for hungry teens). Furthermore, the Instant Pot app is loaded with 750 pre-programmed recipes that the Instant Pot Smart can make without any intense effort, and new recipes are being added everyday.

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In the case of the Instant Pot Max, many home cooks had to wait months before seeing the new product in stores—but Instant Pot has adopted a new strategy this time around, and the Instant Pot Smart is already available on Amazon with a $149.95 price tag (around $60 more than a standard Instant Pot Ultra).

On Cyber Monday, however, shoppers can snag this brand new appliance for just $89.95.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Instant Pot.

These new capabilities could revolutionize how meals get on the table: Simply throw in your ingredients in the morning before you leave for work, activate the slow-cooker function from your desk, and turn the temperature to a lower heat setting as you're getting ready to head home. You could, theoretically, throw in a few ingredients for some of our easy Instant Pot dinner recipes and activate the pressure cooker right before you head home.

It's a lovely way to get a head start on dinner that current Instant Pot models can't provide, which is why we're sure many home cooks will be delighted to receive the Instant Pot Smart this holiday season.