It usually retails for over $100.
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Credit: Amazon

The Instant Pot Duo is popular—in fact, it’s a number one best-seller on Amazon—and for good reason. The kitchen workhorse is loaded with the standard seven pre-programmed cooking modes, and can still be easily controlled by a manual user interface. It's one of the most affordable (and customer-loved) models in the entire Instant Pot family, which is why we’re pouncing on this Amazon Deal of the Day: the bright red Instant Pot Duo 60 is 40 percent off right now.

Normally priced at $100, you can now get the colorful version of the multi-use pressure cooker for just $60. It’s likely the cheapest Instant Pot you’ll find online right now.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $60 (originally $100);

One of Instant Pot’s most popular models, the 6-Quart Duo 60, has racked up over 30,000 perfect five-star reviews. Here's a little refresher on some of the (many, many) ways you can use it: It whips up light and fluffy grains in less than 10 minutes, makes juicy, tender chicken, steams vegetables without requiring you to babysit the stove, and can prepare hearty stews. Plus, the Duo includes a low-pressure setting, meaning you can make your own yogurt and desserts, like cheesecake.

“Ok, so I've jumped on the instant pot bandwagon. My mom, my friend, the internet all convinced me that I need this pot. Now, I'm an instant pot lover,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s more than just a rice cooker. This pot has 7 different functions, and a plethora of recipes that can be concocted in those 7 functions. Its like an experimental cook’s dream machine. If you are familiar with a pressure cooker, this is exactly that, it has the pressure release valve that will scare the (*#!&) out of you every single time you switch it over. But don’t let that intimidate you out of this purchase. This is better than a crock pot, in that you can cook some of the same meals, like beans or pot roast in a fraction of the time.”

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While this is truly an amazing discount, like all of Amazon's Deal of the Day sales, it lasts only 24 hours. So if you haven’t sprung for an Instant Pot yet, now's your chance to get this do-it-all kitchen tool at a heavily-discounted price. Add the red Instant Pot Duo 60 to your cart now before it’s gone!