Since teleporting to France is out of the question, we’ve recreated her Parisian breakfast for ourselves.

It’s no secret Ina Garten adores France, and she travels there pretty frequently with her equally-as-adored husband, Jefferey. Garten abides by the Parisian way on her travels, ditching her daily stateside breakfasta hearty bowl of oatmeal—for a more European one.

Garten shared her “favorite breakfast on the planet” via Instagram on Monday—a generous tartine, filled with “#goodbutter” and raspberry jam, alongside a café cremé (which is what we call a latte in the U.S.)

While Ina’s breakfast looks delicious, and we are all for enjoying a few splurges on vacation, we have our own tartine recipe that is packed with a little more protein to power you through a walking tour of Paris (or just a Monday morning at the office!)

Looking for more inspiration from the Barefoot Contessa?

Avocado-and-Pea Salmon Tartines

Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

While “good butter” and raspberry jam are a great combination, they won’t exactly keep you full for too long. Swapping them out for smoked salmon, avocado, and peas help give you a boost of protein and healthy fats to keep you satiated and energized for the day. Opting for whole-grain bread also adds some fiber to help with digestion and satiety. Our tartine will still pair well with your favorite latte, and can make it to the table in only 10 minutes!