Well, this is a surprising choice.

When you think of Barefoot Contessa host and cookbook author Ina Garten, you probably think of her spot-on advice for creating America’s favorite dishes or her balanced approach to being a home cook in the modern age. But we’re betting you wouldn’t associate fast food with one of media’s most beloved food personalities. You’d be wrong, of course: Ina Garten enjoys fast food once in awhile, just like the best of us.

While appearing on the TODAY Show for a segment called “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ina Garten,” the Food Network star admitted she has a particular weakness for In-N-Out, the California-based burger joint that’s amassed tons of fans across the country.

The Barefoot Contessa shared with viewers that she can’t pass up a chance to stop in for one of the chain’s notoriously delicious burgers, especially if she’s on business in California. It’s not the first time she’s expressed her love for a fantastic (and fast) burger joint, either.

A hamburger isn’t the only indulgent meal she loves off a grill—in the same interview, Garten also admitted that her dying wish would be a nearly foot-long hot dog.

“Okay, my last meal is going to surprise you,” she gushes. “It’s going to be a hot dog at Frenchie to Go in Paris. It’s unbelievable. Maybe with french fries, since it’s the last meal.”

So maybe it’s not from a regular old hot dog cart, but the fact that this culinary superstar would travel the world for a hot dog confirms something we’ve known all along—sometimes, comforting classics are just really worth it.