You can buy seeds and cultures online to grow these beauties right in your backyard.
Credit: Photo: Aliza J Sokolow / Instagram

Like most of the rest of the world, we at Cooking Light are not immune to the charms of food trends—especially if they’re healthy.

From new grains to the best snacks for weight loss, it’s always fun to find something surprising. But, unfortunately, often the trends that rock the food world aren’t necessarily so healthy (we’re lookin’ at you, s’mores doughnuts).

So when we find something that’s fun, new, and wholesome, we’re pretty excited about it. All of this to say…we were playing on Instagram yesterday (shameless plug, follow us!), when we stumbled across what at first looked like flowers. But were they, dear reader?


This beautiful photo was taken by Instagram maven Aliza J Sokolow (in Paris?! How chic.) They're mushrooms. Luscious oyster mushrooms in everyone’s favorite Millennial Pink. We’re calling it: they’ll soon be taking over the internet, and we’re here to not so subtly remind you that we basically just dropped them right into your lap.

You can order them online, grow them yourself, or we’re guessing, find them in restaurants soon enough. Fun fact? They just came into season.

So, if you need us, we’ll be experimenting with these, bringing a little blush to pasta recipes, some pink to our pizza, and beautiful color to grain bowls.