Her strategy involves a kitchen staple you probably have hanging off your oven right now.
Credit: Jeff Neira/Getty Images

If you haven't been haunting any local farmers' markets or grocery store for corn, you're missing out on one of the very best flavors of the season. It's been a hot summer, and while that means a lot of awful things (like very expensive lemons), one great thing about it is that this year's crop of corn is extra sweet.

That makes it perfect for roasting on the grill, or putting into simple corn salads like this Tomato and Basil wonder—or even this Mexican-Street-Corn salad—when you want to nosh on fancy corn recipes. Not that eating it directly off the cob isn't fantastic, of course.

But: How do you get that corn, once it's been cooked, off the cob, and keep it from flying all over your kitchen?

We have Ina Garten, who knows how what it feels like to chase after flyaway kernels, to help us prep corn with style and grace. 

Ina's method is super easy: Simply lop off the bottom of the corn, so it's nice and flat, and then place it on a clean, fresh linen towel.

Then you use your sharpest knife to (carefully!) cut the kernels off. The towel will prevent them from bouncing all over the counter and disappearing behind the toaster oven, so they're all right there when you're done.

And then comes the genius part: simply pick up the towel, and use it to neatly siphon all the kernels into a bowl. The simple hack should give you enough courage to help you make any of your favorite corn recipes without the worry of sending bits of corn flying all over the kitchen floor.

We truly don't deserve her. For more of Ina's brilliant cooking tips, check out her Instagram account right here.