Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's guests will certainly be wined and dined—to the tune of $677,000.
Credit: BEN BIRCHALL/Getty Images

Maybe you wouldn't be surprised to learn that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is going to be expensive—after all, they're royalty. 

But as we learn more details about the wedding of the year, the actual price tag of all that celebratory food and drink may still get your eyebrows up—just the price of Harry and Meghan's nontraditional cake that has everyone buzzing is pretty impressive.

Elle UK is reporting that British wedding authority Bridebook has estimated that the royal wedding cake will cost more than many people make in one year—$70,000.

Kensington Palace hasn't officially stated how much the monarchy will spend on the celebration (because that wouldn't be posh, now would it?) but the elderflower and lemon custom cake, made by pastry Chef Claire Ptak, surely won't be a budget concern.

If a $70,000 cake doesn't make your stomach drop, maybe the wedding's estimated total cost will: It's going to be a cool $2,758,019. Yes, upwards of three million dollars.

Credit: Samir Hussein / Getty Images

How much will they pay for the event's food, you might ask? The open bar is apparently going to cost the Queen $273,000 alone, which is in addition to the whopping $404,000 they're going to spend on the food, wait staff, and chefs, Bustle reports. Other costs include Meghan Markle's $420,000 wedding dress, more than $155,000 in flowers, $28,000 in the lovely stationery used to invite more than 2,000 people, and $49,000 alone for... toilets.

But don't start wagging fingers at the latest royal couple just yet—to put it into perspective, Prince William and Kate's 2011 celebration clocked in at $34 million so by comparison a mere three million dollar wedding seems practically low-cost. Although, nearly all of that money went to ultra tight security. But considering the hype around Harry and Meghan's nuptials, we're thinking they're doing just fine.