These intensely sweet grapes are available exclusively at select clubs nationwide.  
Credit: Sam's Club

Summer 2019 has been the season of funky fruit—from donut peaches to cherry plums, we feel like we’ve seen it all. But now, there’s a new fruit in town: Grape Soda Grapes. These specialty grapes are available *exclusively* at select Sam’s Club locations nationwide. 

These intensely sweet grapes have a dark purple hue, similar to that of your favorite grape soda. Just be sure to snag a few bushels of these while you can, because Grape Soda Grapes are only available for a limited time—and we have a feeling they will sell out fast.

And, just in case you’re wondering, these babies are non-GMO. They’re made by cross-pollinating different grapes to naturally achieve that tropical, soda-like sweetness.

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There are several other new grape varieties making their way to Sam’s Club shelves as well this summer. Cotton Candy Grapes are already a staple in our homes, but we can’t wait to try four other new grape options—Gum Drops, Candy Dreams, Candy Hearts, and Moon Drop! How dreamy do those sound?