And you won't believe how much they're going to cost.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Biena

Don't get us wrong—chickpeas are one of the best ingredients to have stockpiled in your kitchen. You can make a myriad of delicious dishes, and it's no secret that we love snacking on them—even if it's a snack that we didn't make ourselves. But now a company is trying to sell a chickpea snack that mimics the iconic Girl Scout cookie flavor, and we're left a little unsure: Could we unequivocally love mint-chocolate-covered chickpeas?

Snack brand Biena hopes so: They've teamed up with the Girl Scouts of America to create an official Thin Mint Chickpea product you'll either fall in love with...or immediately hate. And you'll get your chance to try this brow-raising snack as soon as it hits Whole Foods' shelves this summer.

According to a company press release, Biena's Thin Mint collaboration won't be too terrible in terms of nutritional value. A serving of the minty, salty-sweet chickpeas will apparently tout four grams of protein and fiber and have only 130 calories. But how will it taste?

It's not the first time the chickpea brand has dipped into chocolate-covered options: Biena currently sells milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and salted caramel chickpeas. There are also a slew of savory options as well, including Honey Roasted, Habanero, and Rockin' Ranch.

We're not sure exactly how this new snack will play out, given that Thin Mints and the Girl Scouts have a devout cult all their own, but if you want to shell out $5 per bag you can give the interesting combo a try.

Biena's Thin Mint Chickpeas will be in Whole Foods starting June 2018, just after the Girl Scouts cookie season ends.