Get a free caffeine boost on the longest day of the year!

We love iced coffee all year long, but since today is the longest day of the year, you may need an extra caffeine boost to power through the bonus daylight hours. But before you shell out $5 on a fancy cold brew, you should know that Dunkin’ is offering a free Vanilla Shot in the Dark, delivered right to your front door!

To score a free can of the slightly sweetened espresso-based drink, all you have to do is get the attention of your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and say, “Ask send me a sample of Dunkin’ Shot in the Dark.” Don't forget the "ask" part, and hurry up, because the offer is only for today (and while supplies last!).

If you’re in the NYC area, you can also stop by 213 Bowery and get a free Dunkin’ Shot in the Dark. Want to try it, but don’t live in NYC or have a virtual assistant? Find a store that carries them near you here.

Each can has 80 calories, 2.5g fat, 13g of sugar, and 1g of protein. It also packs 127mg of caffeine (equivalent to about two cups of coffee.) Though it’s a little high in sugar, it’s much healthier than some other store-bought coffee options out there. Plus, it’s the longest day of the year—treat yourself!