Excess vitamin D and one source of Salmonella is affecting popular dry food products on the market.

UPDATE: The Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners of a widespread recall of dry pet foods, which was expanded on December 20. Turns out, there's a new reason for concern—one brand has tested positive for a possible salmonella contamination. 

Upon random testing, one lot of A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs has been recalled in Nebraska as one sample tested positive for Salmonella, which can affect both pets' health and owners who handle the food. Currently, the recall is limited to the batch of lot "2018 20/08 20," according to the FDA, and it's not been expanded to a national recall as of yet. 

A+ Answers joins a list of nine other pet foods currently recalled for excessive levels of added vitamin D. The full details and updates are available here. The brands involved in this recall, which is still open and active, include Kroger, Lidl, and grocery giant Ahold Delhaize. You can view a complete list of products and brand names by reading the original post below.

If you've purchased any of the recalled pet food, including A+ Answers' brand, check to ensure it's not included in any FDA warnings. If it is, immediately dispose of it in a method where other wildlife cannot eat it. The FDA advises that you also clean and disinfect the areas where the food was stored, as Salmonella can transfer upon contact with other surfaces.


The Food and Drug Administration has expanded a recall on multiple popular dry dog food products after several owners reported their dogs experienced vitamin D toxicity. The presence of vitamin D in dog food is normally beneficial, but excess amounts—like those found in the following products—can lead to serious health complications, including kidney failure, and even death.

The FDA reports that sample testing on the following brands show that products contain about 70 times the standard amount of recommended vitamin D. For that reason, they're asking pet owners to immediately discard the dry food or to bring it back to a point of purchase for a full refund.

There are eight different brands included in the FDA's recall, with multiple products being recalled from single manufacturers in some cases. Here are the dog foods being recalled due to excess vitamin D:

  1. Kroger: Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food
  2. Lidl: Orlando Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food
  3. Sunshine Mills: Multiple varieties.
  4. ANF: Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food
  5. Nutrisca: Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food
  6. Elm Pet Foods: Multiple varieties.
  7. Ahold Delhaize (the parent company of Stop & Shop, Giant, Food Lion, and Hannaford): Multiple varieties.

For a full list of product UPC codes and dry food bag weights, view the list provided by the FDA here.

If you have purchased one of these products and have recently fed your pet, the FDA says there are a few symptoms you should keep an eye out for: vomiting, loss of appetite, dehydration, excess urination, drooling, and rapid weight loss. Reach out to your veterinarian immediately if you notice any of these symptoms, especially if you're worried about a potential vitamin D overdose.

This is the not the first time the FDA has warned pet owners about excessive vitamin D, and the federal safety agency says that list of recalled products could grow in the future. We'll update this page with any new information as soon as it becomes available.