If there's a cuter kitchen-safety reminder out there, we haven't seen it.
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Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet, we’re sure you’ve heard about [SPOILERS] the tragic Crock-Pot-related death of This is Us character Jack Pearson. The NBC show stirred up so much drama, Crock-Pot joined Twitter to put out a statement defending slow cookers everywhere.

Though we double-checked it’s totally ok to use a slow cooker (as long as you aren’t using one with frayed wires), you may want a little extra reminder to take safety precautions when making all the slow cooker recipes.


You can now buy slow cooker and instant pot decals to add a little humor to the situation (and of course stay safe!). Jack will remind you to unplug your slow cooker every time you’re dishing out platefuls of delicious chili (too soon?) or even something fancier, like Thai Beef Curry. Buy them for your slow cooker, your friend’s slow cooker, your neighbor’s slow cooker, or for everyone at the office. We won’t judge.

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Hey, Beautiful, Don’t forget to un-plug me… -Jack ($8)

A reminder you’re beautiful every day and a safety reminder to unplug the slow cooker? Sounds like the best way to cook. *available with or without the ‘Hey, Beautiful.’ But, why wouldn’t you want that? Get them here.

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Don’t forget to un-plug me… Love, Jack ($8)

We will never forget you or forget to unplug this machine. How could we, Jack? *Available with or without Jack’s gorgeous face. Get them here

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I’m so glad we have an instant pot ($8)

How vicious of you, instant pot. But, we do love cooking in our instant pot, and it didn’t kill Jack. So, there’s that. *Available with or without Jack’s gorgeous face. Get them here.

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Unplug the pot. Love, Jack ($6)

Thanks for the reminder, Jack. We love you! *Available in a variety of colors. Get them here