They've even eliminated one of the hot dogs.
Credit: Yvan DubA/Getty Images

After diehard Costco fans helped make the healthy $5 dish go viral, Costco moved to make fresh Acai bowls available at all locations nationwide. But a new report from the Seattle Times suggests that Costco is just getting started with introducing healthier items to its food courts—and scaling back on the indulgent staples it's known for.

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek made this commitment to introduce healthier items, including vegetarian and vegan options, as the Seattle Times reports, after receiving complaints from health-conscious shoppers.

Jelinek has introduced a handful of organic and alternative meat products besides the acai bowl, including a vegan burger that went viral earlier this year, and most recently, a vegan plant-based "Al Pastor" salad, which contains soy-based "meat" atop a mix of banh mi-style julienned vegetables.

All of these additions require Costco to eliminate other items. The first to go is the Polish hot dog, which shouldn't be confused with their all-beef hot dog, part of the best-selling $1.50 meal combo.

While Costco is trying to draw new customers, it remains to be seen if healthier vegetarian and vegan meals will lure new customers into signing up for the $60 or more annual membership. But for those who already use the membership-only grocer to their advantage for things like healthy meal prep, this move just might build more loyalty.