Costco's weekly circular for Thanksgiving came out just a little bit early.

Savvy Costco members know that the beginning of each new month means that the membership-only wholesale retailer will put new items on sale—but it seems that Christmas has come early for shoppers this month, because Costco's Black Friday sales plans somehow ended up getting leaked on the internet. October's exciting discounted items are still on sale, but we're already planning on which deals we'll cash in on this Black Friday.

There are more than eight pages of steep discounts and promotions to browse through—including plenty of electronics, jewelry, and clothing (even groceries!)—that would make great holiday gifts. But for those who love kitchen steals, the best buys are on the very last page of the circular, which suggests that Costco members can start cashing in on Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving—if they shop online.

Shopping online might be your best bet, actually—all U.S. Costco locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, officially reopening to all shoppers at 9am on Black Friday. If you're a member, you can shop the deals online before anyone else, but don't despair if you haven't coughed up the membership fee just yet—non-members can shop at Costco on Black Friday thanks to this totally legit loophole in store rules.

And while we're all anxiously waiting for Black Friday to kick off, check out this month's sales and promotions happening now—including a massive holiday appliance sale, where you can save up to $1,700 on fridges, ovens, and dishwashers.

1) Instant Pot Nova Plus, 6-Quart

Credit: Photo courtesy of Costco.

You can shop this deal online starting on Thanksgiving and take $35 off the price of a brand new Instant Pot Nova Plus, which comes loaded with 12 different cooking functions—a perfect gift for those who are looking to upgrade, or who've yet to become an Instant Pot fan.

2) Dyson V8 Cord-Free Vaccum

Credit: Photo courtesy of Costco.

This item was originally on sale as part of October's monthly discounts, but Costco has slashed the price even further for Thanksgiving celebrations. It's a small model that can easily tuck into any space in your kitchen, with a flexible design that makes cleaning up all your pantry's nooks and crannies much easier. With the discount, this item should clock in at around $300, a steep discount for a Dyson model.

More ways to shop smart at Costco:

3) Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker

Take $10 off the price of this space-saving waffle maker, which is designed to cook your favorite breakfast treat vertically rather than horizontally—meaning you have more counter space to work with. Thanks to this discount, you can snag one of these gadgets online for just $30.

4) ThermoFlash Water Bottles With Straw Lid

If you're hoping to up the amount of water you're drinking, a sturdy water bottle is a must have. These 24-ounce bottles actually come in a pack of two, meaning you can buy one for yourself and get an extra to give as a gift. The $5 off discount makes them a steal for just $15, or $7.50 each.

5) Keurig Green Mountain K-Pods, 100 Count

For the coffee fan in your life, take $5 off each carton of 100 Keurig-branded coffee pods. You can use them as stocking stuffers for your 50 closest friends, or give one special person a 3-month daily coffee supply.