Maybe you're not stopping by for the hot dogs and pizzas—but this new item might be worth a trip.

UPDATE: The lucky few fans who were able to try this new addition must have truly loved it, because Costco has decided to roll out their $5 Acai bowl to all of their stores nationwide. Hooray for an ultra affordable snack topped with fresh fruit! 

We initially reported on the select markets where Costco offered shoppers this $5 treat, topped with fresh berries and Costco's own Kirkland Signature Granola, back in May, but we were unsure if the membership-only store would expand the offering beyond their western markets.

We've since confirmed with Costco's customer service team that all stores across the United States will serve Acai bowls in the cafeteria by the end of June. 

The plant-based, vegan Acai bowl is made with an Acai mix (served fresh via Costco's soft-serve machine) and is topped with blueberries, strawberries, banana chips, and Kirkland granola, according to Vegan News. 

The original article, published May 22, 2018, continues below: 


We've seen headlines praising Costco for their apparently "irresistible" $1.50 hot dog and soda combo, which isn't something we'd get excited about. But their latest addition actually looks both tasty and healthy.  

Back in January, there were whispers about a few Costco locations out west bringing fresh Acai bowls to food courts for just $5. But now they’re spreading: The newest addition to Costco's in-store menu is here to stay.  

The trendy healthy dish has landed in Costco's cafeterias across the nation, including locations in Hawaii, Oregon, and California. The extra rich smoothie is topped with a medley of fresh berries alongside banana chips and Kirkland Signature Granola, a private-label touch.

While you'd normally shell out upwards of $10 for a freshly made Acai bowl at restaurants and specialty stores, Costco has kept the price of their Acai offering in line with many of its current offerings.

Sadly, we're unsure if Costco plans to expand the Acai bowl offering to all of the 500 plus locations in the United States. We reached out to Costco for comment and we'll update this post when more details become available.

If you're not one of the lucky ones with access to this exciting addition, you'll still have to look out for these healthy meal-prep hacks during your next Costco trip for now.