We got an advance taste of the coconut-based products—here's what we thought.

Even Chobani, America's largest yogurt brand, can't deny the growing demand for plant-based products—so they've launched a new line of plant-based, vegan yogurts that are coconut based, while still providing a gut-healthy probiotic boost.

The concept of vegan yogurt isn't entirely new, but what makes Chobani's version special is the fact that it contains less sugar than other non-dairy options on the market—and the ingredient list is impressive. Chobani keeps its non-dairy option in line with other products it makes: it's made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients, free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

More than nine varieties will hit stores across the nation this month, including a single-serve, dairy-free drink, in flavors like "slightly sweet" plain, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, peach, vanilla chai, and mango. The single-serve cups of vegan yogurt is priced at just $1.99, and Chobani's new 7-ounce beverage will sell for $2.49.

Chobani sent two flavors of their new vegan single-serve cups for Cooking Light's editors to try: slightly sweet and blueberry. Overall, our staff were thrilled to discover how smooth—both in texture and in flavor—Chobani's coconut-based blend was. It earned top marks in our taste test for more than just a solid flavor.

"It's got a strong coconut flavor to it, and while it's definitely more thin than dairy-based yogurt, it's not too sweet, has plenty of flavor, and is probiotic!" our editor, Chris Michel, said. "10/10 would put on my favorite granola."

Writer Lauren Wicks, our resident vegan, said she'd immediately be adding Chobani's line of plant-based yogurts to her shopping list.

"I loved the texture and thought it was the perfect amount of sweetness," she said during her taste test. "I also like that it isn't as tart as some of the other coconut-based yogurts I've tried before."

Credit: Photo courtesy of Chobani.

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Because the product is made of a coconut base, it's important to note that there's a considerable increase in saturated fat compared to traditional yogurt—each one cup serving of Chobani's plain plant-based yogurt (each flavor boasts a different nutritional profile) contains 8g of fat, 7 of which is saturated. Furthermore, because traditional dairy is eliminated, Chobani's vegan yogurt contains less protein than one may expect (just 1g per cup).

That being said, there are only 130 calories per serving, 5mg of sodium, and zero cholesterol, plus the addition of six live, active cultures. For those who can't eat dairy, or for those who are simply trying to eat healthier alternatives, Chobani's product is a great option.

“We’ve come up with something that’s much better than what’s out there — a new recipe that’s absolutely delicious, but also meets our food philosophy of being nutritious, made with only natural ingredients and at a price that’s accessible to all," Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani's founder and CEO, said in a statement. "Most importantly, this isn’t a replacement for dairy, but it’s a game-changer for plant-based products.”