The classic vegetarian brand silently released their newest product.
Credit: Kraft-Heinz

Before there were vegan bleeding burgers, there was the humble BOCA burger. BOCA burgers made an appearance at family barbecues, and were sometimes the only restaurant menu option for plant-based eaters. But now, times have changed. Stores like Costco are selling millions of frozen veggie patties, and plant-based eating isn’t reserved for just vegetarians and vegans anymore.

We thought we’d seen every type of faux “meat” until now. BOCA recently launched a vegan turkey burger, which according to PETA is “the first of its kind.” The products, which are available in select stores, have begun popping up (seemingly) out of nowhere.

Lynne Galia, head of communications at Kraft-Heinz, says this product was released as a response to consumers’ desires for meat-alternatives that match the appearance, taste, and texture of meatless products. We haven’t tried the Turk’y Burger yet, but we’re already excited by the nutrition.

We love that these burgers are totally vegan, since some BOCA products, like the All American Flame Grilled Veggie Burger, contain dairy and some include egg products. Because of this, the Turk’y Burger’s ingredient list is significantly shorter than the All American Flame Grilled veggie burger. Ingredient wise, the Turk’y Burger patties contain water, soy protein concentrate, and wheat gluten, with salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and spices added for flavoring.

So how does it stack up nutritionally? Similar to comparing a beef burger to a turkey burger, BOCA Turk’y Burgers are lower in calories and fat compared to their classic All-American Burger counterparts. The Turk’y Burger contains 70 calories and 1g fat, which is much lower compared to the All American Flame Grilled veggie burgers which has 120 calories and 4.5g fat. Additionally, the Turk’y Burger is able to maintain 13g protein and 4g fiber while keeping sodium below 450mg per burger. Pretty solid, if you ask us!