The new products will be tested at Whole Foods.
Credit: Photo: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, the company famous for their "bleeding" veggie burger, is at it again. The Los Angeles-based producer has revealed their latest (and possibly greatest) product: vegan-friendly sausages.

Created mainly with pea protein, beans, rice, and coconut oil, the Beyond Sausages get their reddish hue thanks to the addition of beet juice and paprika. In an attempt to get the snappy texture most meat sausages have, the Beyond Meat team recreated it by using algae to form a semi-permeable casing.

When nutritionally compared with a leading brand of pork sausage, this plant-based variety seems to be a clear winner. The Beyond Sausage touts more protein per serving, along with less calories, fat, and sodium.

The Beyond Sausage is available in three flavors: original bratwurst, hot Italian, and sweet Italian. It's currently only being sold at the 2905 Pearl Street Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado, but wider distribution is anticipated in 2018.