Whether you're looking to lose weight or just make mealtimes less stressful, learn why members think you should take advantage of this 30% off sale now.
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If you're reading this, then you're no stranger to the internet. And if you're no stranger to the internet, then you're no stranger to being solicited and inundated by sales—in 2020, you cannot escape from it. At this point, it's almost second nature: You Google something you're remotely interested in, and the next thing you know, that product is following you around from site to site. It's weird, and the majority of the time, whatever you're being targeted with is probably not something that's either serviceable or conducive to helping you grow as a human in any way.

Now, where am I going with this, you ask? Well, that last part was the kicker. Most products or services you're being followed around the internet by don't have much long-term application to your life. Sure, you may want that Bluetooth water bottle with voice recognition, but odds are you'll end up using it twice and then losing it to the darkest recesses of your garage or coat closet. So if you're going to be sold on something, why not ensure it's a) something that could possibly fundamentally change the way you live your life for the positive and b) a great deal?

And now we've come full circle back to the meal plan that's on sale right here. It's called the Cooking Light Diet, and it's our subscription-based meal-planning service that has been changing lives for over six years now. For more than half a decade, it's helped people lose weight, save hundreds of dollars at the grocery store, overcome incredible adversity, bring families closer together, and more. It's not just a meal plan—it's a sustainable way to eat healthfully while not relegating yourself to a sugarless, carb-less, pizza-less existence. And it's usually one heck of a deal: You get six months of customized (and customizable) meal plans—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack—for just $38. We're practically giving away peace of mind for less than $2 a week, folks.

So if you're going to be sold on something, why not be sold on something that could potentially change your life for less than $2 a week? And now, through October 1, 2020, you can take 30% off your initial subscription fee using our SEPTEMBER30 promo code. That's right, 30% off an already great price. That's a deal you couldn't beat with a stick.

But how exactly could the Cooking Light Diet change your life? Well, ask our members. Explore our thriving Facebook Community, or take a look below at real member-submitted feedback. Everything you see there was pulled from our onsite survey in the last month alone. The Cooking Light Diet is for everyone, and whether you want to drop pounds, maintain your weight, take the stress out of meal planning, get more variety in your diet, etc., this is one product that sells itself.

Be sure to redeem your promo code (SEPTEMBER30) for 30% off your Cooking Light Diet subscription here.

Great for Working Moms

Cooking Light Diet member Aimee says the recipes are creative and the meal plans are a boon for overburdened matriarchs.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Nothing Else Like It

There are a lot of meal plans that tout their ability to help you effortlessly reach a goal, but Lisa says there's nothing quite like the Cooking Light Diet.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

No More Decision Fatigue

Tired of having the question, "What am I going to eat for dinner?" bouncing around in your head every day? Well, Bee doesn't have that problem anymore.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Sustainable Meals

For recipes that won't leave you unsatisfied and a meal plan that can help you sustainably lose weight and keep it off, Allison recommends this service.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Easily Get Back on Track

Not only does Mary think the Cooking Light Diet isn't really a "diet," she acknowledges that even if you fall off the wagon it's incredibly easy to get right back on.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Excellent Meal Planner

Looking for great recipes and an impeccable meal-planning product? This checks both those boxes, according to Jill.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Dietary Restrictions Welcome

If you're either gluten-free or prefer vegetarian fare, Sarah says that this meal plan has the variety to meet your needs. And your friends will love it, too.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

What's Not To Like

That's the question posed by Cathy, who's embraced the planning, the recipes, and the weight loss offered by the Cooking Light Diet.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

No Frills

Know what Judy loves most about the Cooking Light Diet? We stick to what we know.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Recipes for Everyone

Kathy says these meals go beyond weight loss...

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

...while Shirley says that these are meals kids will love, too.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

You Could Be Happy Forever

According to this little tidbit from Colette, eternal happiness is just another name for the Cooking Light Diet.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

Thank You, Betty

And lastly, Betty perfectly summed up what so many other members love about this meal plan.

Credit: Cooking Light Diet

To read even more member feedback, join our Facebook Community. And don't forget to subscribe today for 30% off the Cooking Light Diet!*

Offer ends 10/2/20. Cooking Light Diet members, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.