It pays to be loyal—especially if signing up is totally free
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From birthday discounts to insider sales, it pays to sign up for a handful of retailer rewards programs—and while most are free, a small membership fee could also be worth your dime. We reached out to representatives at the most popular kitchen and home retailers to find out how they reward loyal customers.

We’re highlighting four programs with notable benefits for shoppers in the know, and since a majority are free, there's no harm in checking them out next time you're in the store. If the details of a reward program sound like a fit for you, we'll walk you through how to sign up online—meaning you can start racking up extra discounts and rewards for last-minute shopping this holiday season.

The Key: Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Mark & Graham

Even if you only shop at one of these stores, this rewards program is admittedly one of the most impressive our staff has seen yet. If you're a member of Key Rewards, you'll earn three percent back in future rewards each time you shop—each and every order, no exceptions.

When you spend more than $15—which is all too easy to do at any of these luxury retailers—you'll also receive a reward directly on your account, which range from additional automatic discounts to exclusive coupons. The best part? You can use rewards points at any of these retailers: meaning if you rack up points at West Elm purchasing a new dining set, you can redeem them at Williams Sonoma when purchasing new kitchen appliances.  

The program is completely free to shoppers, and you register with your phone number both in stores and online—you can sign up right here.

More ways to save money at your favorite stores:

TJX Rewards Access: TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, HomeGoods

TJX Rewards Access is a free benefits program which shoppers can use across TJ Maxx's family of stores. Members can choose to sign up online to receive a digital card, or they can pick up a unique card in stores. This program enables shoppers to earn benefits and rewards with every purchase.

Some of the benefits include free giveaways, entries into current sweepstakes with every purchase, and exclusive access to new designer finds in stores.

Members can also complete what's known as a "bonus visit," which requires a specific post to Facebook or Twitter, for more points. Members of this program will also receive e-communications from these stores about new items in their local store, direct to their inboxes.

One of the program’s best perks is the opportunity to learn when new arrivals come in to your designated store to get the latest trendy items for your home.

Beyond Plus: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

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While this rewards program is not free, it will likely pay for itself in a few purchases, especially if you frequent Bed, Bath, and Beyond multiple times a year. Beyond Plus admittedly is similar to Amazon's Prime program, giving members free standard shipping and 20 percent off every eligible purchase for only $29 per year.

It's important to note that there are several exceptions to discounts—mostly on items that can't be discounted due to the manufacturer's rules, like Dyson.

Beyond Plus members enjoy an online account that organizes and displays your available coupons and offers, which you can use in-store and online, to save you extra money on the spot. A quick online registration makes signing up a breeze; just remember to cancel your membership before the next year if needed, as the retailer automatically renews memberships on an annual basis.

World Market Rewards

World Market is a one-stop shop for the home as this retailer offers unique housewares, affordable furniture, rare beverages, and global foodstuffs. You can become a World Market Rewards “Explorer” by signing up via text message for a host of frequent coupons.

Besides an automatic "welcome" rewards coupon of fifteen percent off, shoppers receive rewards for shopping regularly, annual birthday events, paying for shipping on online orders—even for buying coffee in stores!

Every dollar you spend earns you a point, and 200 points gets you a $10 coupon. Rewards program participants also get a free 12-ounce bag of coffee for every six World Market brand bags you purchase.

Members frequently receive exclusive coupons and flash promotions as well, which is a must if you frequently shop at World Market.