Just a very small detail in its design made my life so much easier.
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

You've come to this post because the headline promises something that will revolutionize how you cook—and it will, even if you don't have the same problems as I do. Something tells me that this new piece of cookware will change lives, especially if you hate cleaning like I do.

I'll start by breaking down one of my biggest pet peeves about cooking that is also simultaneously so infinitesimal and intricate—either you're right there with me, or you're going to think I'm totally bananas. It's very simple: I hate pan-frying anything because oil, butter, or sauce ends up flying far and wide all over my kitchen surfaces.

Cleaning this splatter off a stovetop is possibly the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life—somehow, somewhere, there's a lingering smudge that is going to infuriate me every time I walk into my kitchen. And don't get me started on cleaning electric burners: currently, I'm down to two because the others start smoking when I turn them on (even though I've scrubbed and scrubbed away).

My solution was simple, albeit a tad sad: I used to do 90 percent of my cooking in my oven. Apart from boiling noodles and blanching vegetables, I never ever sautéed anything because my stovetop would have been covered in a sea of grease. Even when I wanted to throw something simple into a pan—like grilled cheese—I would psych myself out into eating something else entirely because, you guessed it, I didn't want to blemish my otherwise gleaming countertops.

Don't get me wrong—there are almost too many meals you can make on a sheet pan in your oven. But sauteéing brings a whole new level of sophistication to vegetables and weeknight proteins like chicken. And I was never going to bake eggs, unfortunately (although I could have).

Which is why I'm so happy I stumbled upon a new frying pan from Circulon earlier this year. It has since has become the workhorse of my kitchen due to a very simple design feature. Its official name is the Toss & Turn pan, but you wouldn't need to ask a sales associate for it by name—all you'd have to do is look for a good-sized sauté pan with raised sides.

Some might mistake the Toss & Turn for a wok, but it's very similar to any non-stick pan you'd find on the market—except for its signature height on the lip of the pan. According to the product's description on Circulon's website, it was designed for "effortless tossing and turning of ingredients without the need for utensils."

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Yes, you can totally flip an omelette effortlessly with a flick of a wrist—but the true magic of this reliable non-stick pan is that it completely eliminates all kitchen splatter. The raised edges of the pan is a catchall for anything you're cooking.

But the very best part? You can snag one of these life-changing pans on Amazon for just $17. Yes, really—the kitchen gods have smiled on us, because this piece usually sells for $49.99 each. If you're anything like me, you'll buy three (yes, I now have three) and rotate them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Olive oil? No problem. Butter? Stays in the pan. Grease? Doesn't go flying anywhere. This pan not only helps my kitchen stay clean, but it's just as easy to clean as any most other nonstick pans out there—simply rub it with a dash of dish soap, a sponge, and some elbow grease, and it's ready to go again.

I've owned this pan for a little over six months now, and everything I've made in it (from bacon to veggies, eggs—even pan sauces) have seemingly cooked much more perfectly than anything I've made before. Maybe it's because it's easier to properly stir ingredients in the pan—after all, you can use the raised edges to your advantage—but I do find that heat is distributed well.

I'm not kidding when I tell you I've become fully dependent on this pan. The thought of watching flyaway oils splash onto my countertops and stove top make is too oppressive for me to try something else: this pan's raised wall of comfort is like a warm blanket that eases my mind.

I could sauté all day long—which I can say I am now doing, yay!—and sleep easy knowing that the clean up is minimal compared to the nuclear oil explosion that I usually experience with traditional fry pans. Do your obsessive subconscious a huge favor and just give this pan a try—you'll never look back.