Plus, 5 great picks—all of which are on deep discount this month.
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January is the time to start the new year right, when shoppers head to grocery stores in search of the healthiest staples—and traditional retailers take notice. You'll find the biggest and best discounts for fitness products, from exercise equipment to gym memberships and even apparel, while shopping this month. And retail experts say that one handy kitchen gadget in particular is extra cheap right now.

The team at Consumer Reports keeps track of sales prices on products all year long—and this month, shoppers can find steep discounts on food processors and blender models. While many department stores focus on unloading excess fitness inventory from the holiday season (the CR team notes treadmills are inexpensive as well), kitchen retailers slash prices on food processors of all sizes and functions that can help make healthy meal prep much easier.

Unlike a standard blender, food processors are designed to give you coarsely chopped or finely minced ingredients with the push of a button—without pureeing them into a pulp. A food processor eases your knife work by making anything from shredded lettuce to minced tomatoes with ease.

Just like blenders, however, prices on food processors can range from below $20 to upwards of $300, with key functions being the price differentiator here. Consumer Reports advises anyone who cooks in big batches (doing meal prep or cooking for a large group) to pick up a model that can handle more than 7 cups of ingredients at a time.

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That being said, these models tend to be heavier and take up counter space, so if you're a single cook or live in a small apartment, a smaller model can still accomplish basic tasks like mincing garlic or chopping onions.

Consumer Reports has tested hundreds of food processors and choppers, ranking the best and posting their guide right here. We've pulled a few of the top performers on the list that are also on sale this month below:

1) KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

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This one is perfect for single home cooks who are trying to eliminate knife work for elementary tasks like chopping and mincing. It's normally sold for $70 at most retailers, but Crate&Barrel is discounting it by $20 this month.

2) Cuisinart 8-Cup Food Chopper

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Designed for a larger crowd, this food processor is simple to use and comes equipped with differently sized blades for both thin and thick chopping. It also has pureeing abilities. You'll save $85 thanks to a sale promotion at Crate&Barrel.

3) Braun 12-Cup Food Processor With Chopper and Citrus Juicer

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This bad boy can blitz its way through nearly any ingredient you'd like chopped. It also comes equipped with a citrus juicer, as well as a plethora of detachable blades that are using for chopping, slicing, whisking, and even kneading ingredients. The motor allows you to pulse ingredients for quick work and includes multiple settings for desired consistencies. Braun's 12-cup model pulled in one of the highest rankings on Consumer Report's tests, and is Prime-eligible on Amazon.

4) Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor

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Are you in a cramped kitchen? Can't afford to sacrifice any more countertop space, but still would like to skip knife work? Cuisinart's 24-ounce miniature model is for you: the functionality is very basic, and is best used to coarsely chop ingredients you'd like to use atop salads or in quick-fired sauteés. It's currently discounted by a whopping 66 percent, and some proceeds from Cuisinart's pink model is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

5) Oster 2-in-1 Food Processor and Salad Shooter

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The food processor is a dream come true for chopped salad lovers, as it can whip up finely chopped salads in a fraction of the time that it would take with a chef's knife. This model is designed exclusively for salad lovers, as it comes equipped with a function to shoot chopped ingredients directly into a salad bowl. The food processor can handle 4 cups of fresh vegetables at a time, and if you're not in the mood for a salad, you can simply detach the shooter at any time. It's normally sold for $50 and more, but Target is discounting the processor by $10.