Have we passed the point of no return?
Credit: Photos courtesy of Compartes.

Just when you thought the food world had reached peak avocado, a new product made waves online this week: A chocolate bar literally made with smashed avocado and toast.

Compartés Chocolatier, a Los Angeles-based dessert retailer, shared their outrageous approach to producing one of their newer products, the "Avocado Toast" chocolate bar, with INSIDER last week. The now viral video shows how hand-shredded pieces of avocado toast are casually tossed into a swirling batter of white chocolate before the mixture is fitted into molds.

Don't get us wrong—avocados are actually one of the healthiest ingredients that home cooks can snack on. They're full of potassium, vitamins E and C, fiber, healthy unsaturated fats, and anti-cholesterol agents. Editors at Cooking Light still love a rich, satisfying slice of avocado toast, despite all the hype (it's delicious and a good diet-friendly option!). But like the rest of the internet, we didn't rush to mash Instagram's "heart" like button when we saw Compartés' newest chocolate bar.




According to Epicurious, Compartés is known for handcrafting their unique flavors, which also include oddities like cereal, potato chips, and kale.  

For the avocado toast bar, Compartés incorporates local Californian avocados and caramelized toast for what they call a nice "crunch." You probably won't be surprised to hear that the company doesn't advertise the nutritional content of their bars, but considering the ingredient list includes caramelized chunks of white bread, we're guessing it's not the healthiest dessert option out there.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can head into Compartés' storefront to try the new avocado toast chocolate bar for yourself. But if you can't wait to hit the store—or if you just want to start a chain email of "LOL"s—you can buy your very own avocado toast chocolate bar right here for $9.95, shipped across the nation.

Sure, there are a few adventurous chocolate lovers, like this Twitter user, who would go for a bar, but at what point has the avocado trend gone too far? Is this it? Or will we literally transform this fleshy green fruit into obscure art before it's all over? (Oh... wait.)

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