It's like instant peace of mind—and it's totally free.
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Even though Amazon has taken steps to make food items more affordable, it can still be quite expensive—especially if you're not shopping in bulk. But one customer courtesy available to those who buy grocery items from Amazon might actually convince you to shop for pantry staples online more frequently.

As you probably know, Amazon keeps track of all the orders customers make via their personalized accounts—which is especially handy for Prime members who frequently reorder their favorites with a click of a button. Because Amazon collects customer's contact information in the account creation process, they're able to contact shoppers even after the purchased items have arrived at their door.

Unlike many traditional grocery stores, they're also able to keep track of what you buy—which means Amazon is able to contact you when something you've purchased has been recalled.

In a similar fashion to membership stores like Costco and Sam's Club, Amazon's Customer Service team will send emails to affected shoppers when recall notices are published by federal safety agencies, as well as when brands and manufacturers issue voluntary recalls.

When six popular brands issued a voluntary recall for multiple tahini varieties this week due to potential salmonella contamination, Amazon sent out emails almost immediately—and we got to peek at a copy.

"We have learned of a potential safety issue that may impact product(s) you have purchased through the website," a standard Amazon recall email reads. "More details, including how to determine if your purchase is impacted and what you should do can be found in the following notification."

Amazon then lists the affected products and links to their pages, so you're able to identify the product and dispose of it immediately, if need be.

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More tips for keeping your household safe:

But the next best thing? Amazon will also provide a link and details for how to get a refund for the product right in the email. It seems to be an easier process, if you think about heading back to a traditional retailer to get a refund for something you bought in the store.

Americans are facing life-threatening food recalls now more than ever—in 2018 alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued more safety warnings than in the last decade. A feature like this is important for people who have a hard time keeping up with what needs to be thrown out to keep their family safe.