Perfect for stretching your food budget and reducing waste.
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Credit: Amazon

Look, we’re all busy. And maybe you just didn’t get a chance to check out all the deals in Amazon’s epic Prime Day extravaganza earlier this week. Or you did take a gander and thought you purchased everything you needed. Well, we have to tell you that if you didn’t snag a FoodSaver during Prime Day, you missed out.

Whether you’re a fan of buying in bulk and freezing or simply like to keep your produce extra-extra-fresh, a FoodSaver is a game-changer. With its powerful vacuum sealing system, it claims to keep food from spoiling up to five times longer than other containers — perfect for stretching your food budget and reducing waste. 

But if you failed to get a FoodSaver at the Prime Day discount of 30 percent off, you’re in luck. There’s one more FoodSaver on sale for the taking: The Foodsaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection and Starter Kit is a top-of-the-line model and still available at 20 percent off.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $161 (originally $200);

One of Amazon’s best-selling vacuum sealers, the FoodSaver 2-in-1 has nearly 1,000 perfect five-star reviews. Shoppers love its automatic bag detection, as well as technology that spots moisture and switches to the correct mode to ensure an airtight seal.

“Spend the extra money to get this unit,” writes one reviewer. “I got a unit half the price of this and about 90% of the vacuumed sealed packages leaked after 24 hours. I returned the unit and got this. So far, after about 20 sealed packages, zero leaks.”

Others praise the hand-held retractable sealer that means no need for additional attachments.

“The little hand attachment is what you use for the zippered bags,” a shopper writes. “It's so quick and makes it so easy to seal things. I just sealed some homemade granola in there. I'm excited because now I can make a few batches at a time and just have it set aside instead of making it every few weeks. Also, the hand sealer makes it able to seal jarred items as well.”

Most of all, reviewers love how much money the FoodSaver has, er, saved them.

“I love it. It stores food well, seals effectively and keeps the food you seal a great deal longer,” exclaims a reviewer. “Now I started using it, I can't imagine not having it. I never worry about buying large packs of meat as I can easily break up the packages when I get home - freeze some and use others right away. A great money saving device.”

Want it? Don’t make the same mistake by waiting and get it right now for 20 percent off on Amazon before the deal disappears!