It'll help you stay healthy in the new year—and right now, it's 50 percent off.
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Have you ever agonized about opening a brand new bottle of wine when you should really just stick to just one glass? Nearly every wine lover knows that opening a bottle often translates to finishing off the whole thing, which is problematic since recent research suggests alcohol isn't all that healthy for you after all.

But there's an amazing gadget that lets you enjoy a glass of vino without actually opening up the bottle, solving this dilemma with a push of a button. And from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Amazon is selling it for half off.

It's called Coravin, an appliance that uses a thin needle to penetrate a cork without breaking the airtight seal, and it allows you to pour freely from a wine bottle without removing the cork. Coravin uses argon gas (which is already used in the winemaking process) to force wine through a tiny opening and into the needle. Bonus: that gas will also protect the wine left in the bottle from going sour, thanks to oxidation.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this essential gadget is on sale at a few different retailers, including Amazon, which is discounting Coravin's Limited Edition II model. The final price will be just $199.95, 50 percent less than the regular $400 price tag. You'll also receive four argon gas cylinders to get you started (cylinders retail in a pack of two for about $16 each).

Any wine enthusiast would be over the moon to receive the Coravin system as a gift, and if you're shopping for yourself, keep in mind that this system could help keep wine portions in check.

Credit: Photo: Amazon.

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If $200 is outside of your budget for the wine lover in your life, don't fret! There are a few other bottle-stopping gadgets that can help keep wine lovers healthier in the new year.

The Savino Carafe is a timelessly beautiful addition to any kitchen, and it helps keep red or white wines fresh for up to a week—plus, the high quality glass is dishwasher-safe. You can buy it on Amazon here, for a more affordable $49.95.

The VacuVin Wine Saver isa great stocking stuffer at just $13—it's a vacuum pump that removes any air from the bottle and promises fresh vino for up to a week. Simply put in the stopper, pump it until you hear a "click," and you're done! Leftovers will be handy for the next happy hour.