But we have a tip on how you can get one, if you simply must have it.
Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

We were really excited to hear that budget-friendly chain Aldi was bringing their signature wine and cheese advent calendars to the United States this year—and, apparently, you were too, because as USA Today reports, Aldi's advent calendars sold out almost immediately after stores opened yesterday morning.

Cooking Light posted to Facebook and Twitter yesterday to remind Aldi fans that the advent calendars were in stores—and more than a few of you shared horror stories of waiting in long Black-Friday-lines in the busy hours of a weekday morning only to be turned away empty handed.

Reading through 90 plus comments, it seems that Aldi simply didn't anticipate how many people would be interested in their advent calendars. The wine collection held 24 different bottles and weighed a whopping 21 pounds, which made its $69.99 price tag seem that much more like an amazing deal—it also may explain why Aldi didn't stock very many.

According to Linda Allie, a Cooking Light reader who lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the staff at her local Aldi told customers—who had been waiting outside before the 9 a.m. opening—that they only had 12 wine advent calendars to sell. Allie shares that sheer panic broke out as managers tried to manage a crowd of people who were all interested in getting their hands on one.

We reach out to our local Aldi in Birmingham, Alabama—as well as three other Aldi stores in Southern New Jersey, Los Angeles, California, and in Austin, Texas—to see if any had wine advent calendars available. No dice.

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When we reached out to Aldi's corporate team, a representative says that there was a strict limit on how many advent calendars customers could buy yesterday—only one wine advent calendar, and up to three cheese advent calendars, which retailed for $12.99. We also asked about how much stock was sent to each store. Aldi says they didn't keep per-store quantity information on their advent calendar, and couldn't comment on how many wine advent calendars were sold overall.

To be fair, Aldi always marketed this as a "limited time" item—but it seems that limited time turned out to be mere minutes. If you're still looking for affordable wines to sip on this season, Aldi has compiled a list of suggestions for you to peek at (note: they're not the same blends in the wine advent calendar). And in the future, keep in mind how Aldi chooses to release limited-edition "Aldi Finds" products in your area.

Credit: Photo: Zee Krstic.

Unfortunately, Aldi's teams confirmed that the wine and cheese advent calendars will not be restocked in 2018. A representative tells Cooking Light that they're already discussing next year's holiday plans, and if we could be so inclined to give them a suggestion: stock up, Aldi!

If there's simply no way to celebrate the holidays without sipping on Aldi's mini wine bottles this December, you could find a few advent calendars on eBay right now—for the low, low price of $299.

In the meantime, may we humbly suggest making your very own advent calendar? Our social media editor, Kaylee Hammonds, walks you through how to assemble your own customizable option using products from a local craft store, like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You'll probably a lot more fun than waiting in line, and save a pretty penny, too.