The beloved retailer sent a few of their newest items our way, and we're showing them to you.

It's no secret: I get a LOT of mail. Brands often send new foods for our staff to try and review, appliances to test, wines to taste, or more. Armed with a pair of scissors and zero expectations, I take a few minutes each day to rip open each package and dive right in.

Which is why our video team decided that I should start opening my mail on camera, giving Cooking Light's audience a chance to see more from their favorite brands—including the good, the bad, and the strangely interesting.

You'll often find me nibbling on new snacks (which is how I stumbled upon my favorite of 2018) or run for the test kitchen and start playing with new appliances, so this new video series—which is now known as Unboxing With Zee (hi! That's me!)—is going to bring you along for the ride.

Anything I receive from retailers, brands, and manufacturers in the mail is fair game: I won't sneak a peek at items before opening them with you, and when I can, I'll sample or test the product and share my thoughts.

To get us started, our friends at Aldi sent an extra special package: Many of these items are Aldi Finds, meaning they'll be available in your store for a limited time only. I love the random items in my local Aldi's Find Section (here is when new items come to stores, by the way) and these will give you a good idea of the amazing things you can stumble upon while snagging affordable and healthy groceries.

Wine lovers will be excited to hear that Aldi sent over a great bottle of red for us to uncork on camera—a seasonal example of why Aldi's wine selection has gotten quite a few recognitions lately.

But one of my favorite items was a snack Aldi has all year round—plus it's only $1.99! It'll be a great option at any holiday party and you'll be happy to hear that the serving size is actually reasonable!

Watch the video for the full story, and if you like it, be sure to check us out on YouTube or Facebook—leave a comment! I'm excited to unbox more things with you in the new year. Happy Holidays!