She claims that Aldi was negligent for not stating "burn risks" on their packaging.

Gloria Besley is suing Aldi after burning herself while cooking one of their private-label turkey burgers. She reportedly bought a package of Aldi’s frozen Kirkwood Turkey Burgers from one of their Pittsburgh-area stores in July 2018, and decided to cook it about a month later.

According to the lawsuit, Besley claims to have followed the package instructions to “preheat skillet on medium heat. Cook frozen burgers in a small amount of vegetable oil 7-9 minutes per side.”

However, when Besley put the frozen burger in the hot oil, it allegedly exploded and the splattering oil caused her to “suffer second-degree burns to both hands and forearms and associated permanent scarring,” according to local news station WTAE.

More on Aldi:

Tribliv reports the lawsuit says she “will have to continue to seek medical care for the injuries” and may suffer “permanent loss of use of a bodily function” and “loss of the enjoyment of her usual duties.”

She is currently seeking $35,000 in damages. In the lawsuit she alleges that Aldi was negligent in allowing the burgers to be sold without stating burn risks. The lawsuit says, “(Aldi) placed into the stream of commerce a defective product.”

We’ve reached out to ALDI for comment, but they have not responded at this time. We will update this story as more information becomes available.