Two Days Ahead

• Choose bread for stuffing and use a serrated bread knife to cut into small cubes, toast in single layer on baking sheet until golden. Cool.

• Store toasted bread cubes, covered, at room temperature in a Glad® 9x12-inch OvenWare container.

One Day Ahead

• Prepare your preferred from-scratch stuffing ingredients. Store, refrigerated in a large disposable plastic cup covered with Glad® Press’n Seal® Wrap, saving space and making clean up easy.

• Measure remaining stuffing seasoning ingredients, such as herbs and spices and store in a Mini Round GladWare® container. Place a piece of Glad® Press’n Seal® Wrap over the lid and use permanent marker to label.

Thanksgiving Day

Add prepared ingredients and pre-measured seasonings to the toasted bread cubes in the Glad® 9x12-inch OvenWare container, mixing to combine. Allow bread to absorb liquid and transfer, uncovered to the oven, baking according to your recipe instructions.