In our November 25th anniversary issue, we issued a challenge: match up the 1987 pictures with the older, wiser 2012 staff shots. The first 25 who guessed correctly won a collection of Cooking Light cookbooks. If you were submitted your answers, or if you're just playing along for fun, here's the official guide to our Then and Now Contest.

1 matches J - Kellie Gerber Kelley2 matches H - Maria Parker Hopkins3 matches D - Timothy Q. Cebula4 matches F - Amy Delaune5 matches B - Nicole Gerrity6 matches I - Hazel R. Eddins7 matches A - Phillip Rhodes8 matches C - Phoebe Wu9 matches G - Tiffany Vickers Davis10 matches E - Carla Frank

So how did you do? A big thanks to all who submitted. We had a blast reading your guesses!