February is National Snack Foods Month, 28 days for celebrating all the in-betweens. That is, the foods you get to enjoy in between your meals. Some people (wrongly) think snacking isn't healthy, but we don't agree. Smart snacking is a way to combat hunger between meals, sneak in some extra vitamins and nutrients, and even try exciting fun foods!

To celebrate, we’re teaming up with NatureBox to give away a great snacking subscription. NatureBox is on a mission to change Americans' snacking habits and promote healthy snacking habits--now that's a mission we can get behind. Plus, these snacks are good, really good. Many Cooking Light staffers were stranded in our offices here in Birmingham, Alabama last week because of an unexpected snow and ice event. When hunger pangs began knocking, we turned to a supply of NatureBox snacks we had on hand. We particularly enjoyed the Baked Sweet Potato Fries--crunchy, snappy, and delicately sweet.

Here’s how you could win. Describe for us here in 100 words or less: What is your best healthy-snacking tip? Entries should be typed into the comments field of this post. Entries are due by Friday, February 7 at 11:59 P.M. EST.

One grand prize winner will win a six-month NatureBox subscription.

Two semi-finalists will receive Cooking Light's Lighten Up, America! Cookbook.

Editors will select their favorites based on originality, creativity, and how well you address our question. Winners will be notified via email by February 24, 2014. See the full contest rules.

Plus: Try NatureBox for yourself! Everyone gets 50 percent off their first box. Click "join," and the discount is automatically applied.

Once you’ve entered the giveaway, check out our collection of Healthy Snacks. And if you’re looking for tips on smarter snacking, read our Snacking Strategies.