Kurt Vonnegut is by far my favorite author—apologies to Barry Hannah. Not only was he prolific, but more often than not he was profound. Take one of my favorite Vonnegut quotes: "Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." Much like Robert Frost before him, Vonnegut encouraged us to take the 'road less travelled,' because we never know what beautiful discoveries are waiting to be made outside the norm. Keep an open mind, and the reward could be great.

Whether this means taking up a new hobby like bird-watching (which the Birmingham staff divulged in this week when a yellow-crowned night heron showed up outside our windows), randomly hopping on the No. 7 bus in Florence at the behest of a local and taking it to the end of the line (not knowing it will lead you to the most breathtaking sunset panoramic view of Firenze imaginable), or trying a recipe that you would normally scoff at (muffins with beer in them!?!), Vonnegut was cognizant that sometimes the best things in life can come from the obscure observations of our fellow humans.

With that in mind, here are three of my favorite recipes—feel free to think of them as "peculiar travel suggestions"—to look for when you flip (or swipe) through our June issue (now available on newsstands, iPhone, and tablets). In addition, you'll also learn about the bonus recipes you get when you download the digital version of the magazine.

Oh, and I encourage you to pick up some Vonnegut. He really was ahead of his time. My other favorite quote? "I have this disease late at night sometimes, involving alcohol and the telephone." But that's a blog post for another time… Cheers.

1. Open-Faced Salmon & Avocado BLTs:  Simple, light (345 calories with bacon), and delicious, these sandwiches are really, really good. The avocado is a wonderfully creamy addition. If you know someone that happens to be a salmon fishing guide in Alaska like I used to (please move back to Alaska, Cooper), I encourage you to use fresh-caught wild salmon—makes a world of difference in this recipe. Find it, along with four more fast weeknight meals, by downloading a free sample of the tablet edition.

2. Grilled Tuna Over Green Bean, Tomato, and Chickpea Salad: If Belinda Carlisle was right, and heaven really is a place on Earth, they'll be serving this salad for lunch in the summertime. I mean, just look at that picture! The amazing thing is that it the image doesn't do the taste justice. Pop some Belinda into your headphones, whip this recipe up, and thank us later. TABLET BONUS: Find 5 more protein-packed meals.

3. Spicy Bacon and Brew Muffins: Just typing that recipe out makes me feel exponentially manlier. Bacon and beer—really, what more could a dad want from a Father's Day breakfast? Hats off to Deb Wise, our dessert goddess, for this gem. Any man in your life will request this recipe weekly. I reiterate: bacon and beer. Breakfast never sounded so good. TABLET BONUS: Mother's Day is this weekend, but it'll soon be time to turn your attention to dad. Find five more sweet treats your father will surely love.