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November 2013 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's November 2013 issue. more

20 Easiest Holiday Recipes

A collection of 20 faster, shorter, and make-ahead recipes for the ultimate stress-free and delicious Thanksgiving


Throw a Holiday Appetizer Party

These are the bright, crunchy, savory, seasonal bites your friends will love. Our make-ahead strategies make it totally doable.


7 Simple Ways to Become a Better Cook

Recipes take you only so far. After that, instinct and experience must take over. We talked to some of our favorite experts to uncover easy ways to get you further down the path to kitchen fulfillment and control. more

9 Fun Things to Do with a Kitchen Torch

Pyromania! Dust off your kitchen torch and put it to use with these 9 inventive ideas.


Artisanal Treats for Food Lovers

If you've got serious food lovers on your gift list this year, look no further. These unique, small-batch treats are sure to delight. more

2013 Trailblazing Chef Award Winners

Each year we recognize chefs that are contributing to the culinary arts in interesting ways. more

Same Cake Recipe, Different Sugars

Bakers, beware: If you're leery of white sugar, check out the dramatic differences that resulted when we subbed other sugars into the same recipe. more

Clinton Kelly's Party-Planning Secrets

Style and entertaining guru Clinton Kelly of ABC's The Chew serves up advice on throwing a swell soirée.


Healthy and Hungry in San Juan

Balancing Puerto Rico's traditionally heavy cuisine with lighter fare is easier (and tastier) than ever. more

Recipe Makeover: A Dandier Danish

A gooey cream cheese pastry with less fat, half the sugar, and a touch of whole-grain goodness more

100+ Holiday Recipes

Start planning your festivities here. Choose from hundreds of our best-ever holiday recipes.


How to Keep Turkey Moist

Dry brines work magic just like wet brines, with less fuss. more

Cinnamon-Infused Beauty Products

This warm, earthy element adds a kick of spice to skin-care and body products. more

Peek Inside the Perfect Modern-Country Kitchen

Moving full-time to a weekend house let a California couple take a fresh crack at an old kitchen.


Secrets from the Cooking Light Test Kitchen

Secrets, Tips & Recipes from America’s Healthy-Cooking Experts


Kid in the Kitchen: Cheddar and Potato Pierogies

Our resident "kid in the kitchen," Matisse Reid, whips up a batch of family-friendly cheddar and potato pierogies. more

Healthy Habits Heroes: Ann-Marie and Ed Stephens

Practical techniques help keep your eyes on the size without sacrificing the foods you love. more

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes

Learn how to avoid these common cooking mistakes for success every time.


Dinner Tonight

One of these simple dinner menus can be on your table in well under an hour.