November 2012

Cooking Light magazine contents for November 2012

November 2012 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's November 2012 issue. more

Our Best Fast Dishes Ever!

Eight months ago we challenged our Test Kitchen Staff to cook up the best fast dishes ever.


Our 25 Best Recipes Ever

25 years, 25 dishes. We're going back in time to count down our best of the best, from 2011 to 1987. more

The Best Superfast Recipes

No recipes are more popular than our fastest weeknight successes. Here, the best of the best, according to you.


Our Happiest Recipes

The creamiest, beefiest, tangiest, funkiest, spiciest, and even booziest recipes we've ever cooked up.


Mississippi Chinese Lady goes home to Korea

She loves kimchi as much as chowchow, but our Southern-born and -raised food editor, Ann Taylor Pittman, had never been to the birth country of her mother. more

Korean Recipes

From Kimchi-Pork soup to Shrimp Dumplings in a sweet and spicy dipping sauce, these dishes will bring Korea to your kitchen tonight.


Healthy Birmingham

A quick, tasty tour of our favorite things to eat and enjoy in Cooking Light’s Alabama hometown.


53 Must-Have Ingredients for a Global Kitchen

Foods and flavors from the global supermarket that every adventurous healthy cook should track down. more

2012 Chef Awards: Meet the Winners

Our vote for chefs who embody important themes in cooking, traditions, and health more

8 Gourmet Desserts

Scrumptious, beautiful, and surprisingly light, these artisan desserts are sure to trick guests into thinking you went to an expensive bakery. Keep these recipes in mind for the holidays and special occasions. more

Beer Labels: Reach for a Cool One

As craft beer booms, label design is the liveliest blend of folk art, graphic design, and local subcultures in the American food scene. more

Recipe Makeover: Our 1987 Apple Pie

Could new kitchen techniques improve on one of our very first recipes? Yes, with a secret ingredient in the crust. By Sidney Fry, MS, RD


10 Best Cookware Trends from the Last 25 Years

10 kitchen-tech trends of the past 25 years, including 34 useful products. By: Phillip Rhodes, Photos: Brian Woodcock


Top 9 Italian Cookbooks

Find our top 9 picks for the best Italian cookbooks of the past 25 years. more

Cooking with Turmeric

Add bright color and subtle, earthy flavor to everyday dishes. more

Welcome to the Golden Age of American Food

Despite the outcry about the American diet, and despite the obesity crisis, there is no better time to be a food citizen. Here's why things are getting better, fast. more

Stunning Thanksgiving Starters

Colorful combos add zing to the Thanksgiving table. By Rozanne Gold more

Chef Ricardo Zarate: Fresh from L.A.

Superhot Los Angeles chef Ricardo Zarate slips us a recipe for one of his signature dishes. By Tim Cebula more

Test Kitchen Confidential: Decadent Baked Chocolate Mousse

Here’s how our recipe doctors lightened a classic dessert—Baked Chocolate Mousse


Modernist Cooking

Nathan Myhrvold has food down to a science. Modernist cooking, AKA Molecular gastronomy, gets down to the nitty gritty of cooking techniques and ingredients via scientific measurements. Click here for recipes. more

A Kid in the Kitchen: Bring on the Spice Cake

Matisse gets to know molasses and earns her highest rating yet. more

Secrets to Energy at Every Age

The 12 healthy habits challenge proposes that a year of incremental changes—in diet and exercise—can lay the groundwork for lasting transformation.  Health and habits change over time, but one constant is the joy of having an active body in a busy world. That joy can begin in youth or be discovered later, and nurtured either way. more

Dinner Tonight

One of these simple dinner menus can be on your table in well under an hour.


Cooking Light Nutrition Guideline

Put the nutrition analysis numbers that accompany each recipe to work for you.