May 2012

Cooking Light magazine contents for May 2012

May 2012 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's May 2012 issue. more

Wacky Food Trends

We're looking back at oddball food trends and nutritional nonsense from the past 25 years. more

Best Tequilas

Tequila matches scotch in price—and deliciousness. more

Healthier Restaurant Food

After years of dabbling in healthier options, restaurants are diving in. more

Cooking Light Nutrition Guideline

Put the nutrition analysis numbers that accompany each recipe to work for you.


100 Mexican Recipes

Tacos, burritos, enchiladas y mas!


Editor's 8: May 2012

Great finds and exclusive discounts for May. more

Lighter Peach Turnovers

A rich, juicy filling and flaky crust—this treat is picnic-ready. more

16 Restaurant Favorites Made Healthy

Your favorite restaurant dishes—lightened! more

200-Calorie Tacos

7 fast fillings for hot tortillas more

Healthy Chicago

This city bursts to life in the spring. Find a sunny spot outside, and taste the best of the Midwest. more

Portion Police: Chips and Salsa

Tortilla chip math for that tempting start to a Mexican meal. more

Radically Simple: Vinaigrettes

Our new columnist plays with the classic high-flavor dressing formula and takes it to salads and beyond. more

Healthy Habits Hero: Maury Rubin

"Breakfast is my favorite meal, hands down." more

Healthy Habits Graduate: Zoe Siswick

"One lifestyle change helps you start to think about others." - Zoe Siswick, High school guidance counselor, Philadelphia more

A Kid in the Kitchen: Chai Banana Bread

This month, 11-year-old Matisse Reid shares chai tea-spiced banana bread with family and friends. more